Are you single and tired of playing dating games?? Learn how to avoid "hell dates" and the drama that follows them. The spotlight is on you and the choice is yours.

A Dummies Guide to Sexual Purity and Dating is invigorating! According to magazines like Jet, Being Single, and Essence, Darren Washington is one of America's most eligible bachelors. He's attractive, physically fit, college educated, and serves as an elected school board official. With no strings attached, this 6' 2" tall-ebony-shaded Christian is what most single women call "a great catch!" But when promiscuous women reel him in, the national abstinence speaker sticks to his script. The stage is set. It's been more than 15-years since he's accepted the role of a born-again virgin. He says, "Fighting temptation is necessary." Unwanted pregnancies, humiliating STDs, poverty, and failing educational systems are the consequences of sex before marriage. Ultimately, a few minutes of ecstasy can cause a community a lifetime of social ills. Sexual Purity is about more than avoiding pre-marital sex, it's a commitment to strengthen the socio-economic fibers of our society.

These difficult to accept facts are exactly what readers need to know in order to avoid dumb mistakes. The concept, "A Dummies Guide" sheds light on the reality that any single person can successfully practice sexual purity.

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