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Welcome To Singles In The City

Welcome to the official Website of "Singles in the City", and I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Are you tired of the dating games and relationship problems? As a former Singles Ministry Leader I began to see many of the problems that adult single's struggle with in the areas of love, relationships, parenting, divorce, loss of spouse, finances, sex, healthy living, spiritual growth, loneliness, faith, and obedience to the living word of God. Our mission is to empower Christian singles to set the standard for living single in an imperfect world. Our goals are (1.) discuss the benefits, struggles and solutions of being a single Christian in an imperfect world; (2) to show how we must, and can actively make better decisions and choices by living a life pleasing to God; (3) to promote events, conferences, workshops that will increase the spiritual, and physical development of adult singles; (4) to use our God given talents to bring in the harvest; and (5) to discuss and seek wisdom from married couples on the struggles, and benefits of marriage.

Until we consistently live our lives pleasing to God, we will continue to see a rise in teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, soul ties, single parent mothers, irresponsible males, abortion, drug use, physical and emotional abuse, financial burdens, and a continuing battle of the sexes shifting the blame on each other instead of ourselves.

The future of our families will depend on the spouse that you choose, and that choice should be made with a clear mind without the contamination of premarital sex. We are called to live a life of purity in body and spirit until we meet our spouse. We are married in our singleness to God, and must be and remain faithful to him. Enjoy marriage in your singleness, it's an awesome experience.

-Prayer is powerful; don't leave home without it.

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